People. Homes. Communities. Hope.

Four pieces of a puzzle that, without one, would be incomplete.

‘Seeking to put God’s love into action, Habitat for Humanity of Charlotte brings people together to build homes, communities and hope.’ Habitat Charlotte’s mission statement is something that we hear very often around the organization, and something we’ve all deeply invested in as we navigate our positions. But that statement is more than what we do; it’s where we want to go, it’s who we want to be. It’s a moving target. 
As our community grows and changes, and as the people within our community - homeowners, potential homeowners, staff, volunteers, donors and more - change as well, those four areas remain foundational for Habitat Charlotte. 

When thinking of the four areas - people, homes, communities and hope - each builds upon the one before, much like the construction of a house. 

And much like a jigsaw puzzle, one missing piece paints an incomplete picture. One missing piece may not prevent you from understanding what the picture itself is, but it’s incomplete. 

Without people, we couldn’t build or fill homes. Without actively engaging and empowering our communities, hope is diminished. Without hope, there is no uniting value that draws people in and brings them together. 

Because of that cyclical and foundational nature, Habitat Charlotte’s strategic plan for the next five years, 2016-2020, focuses on the goals, methods and metrics of those key areas. Through that careful planning and operation, Habitat for Humanity of Charlotte will play a major role (with your assistance) in reducing the affordable housing deficit in our own community. 

Laura Belcher
President & CEO
May 2016