empower families to create thriving communities.

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Strategic Objective #1

  • Enhance resources available to homeowners and their neighborhoods


  • Continue and increase Neighborhood Revitalization (NR) efforts
  • Codify relationships with other nonprofits that provide critical services to homeowners
  • Partner with City and County in their areas of neighborhood development

Metrics of Success & Targets

  • Expand number of partner nonprofits Habitat Charlotte works with annually
  • Increase NR neighborhoods (add neighborhood #3 in fiscal year 2018)
  • Implement strategies from NR neighborhood plans
  • Utilize Habitat for Humanity International's "Success Measures" outcome evaluation system for NR

Strategic Objective #2

  • Provide education and information to families to enable ongoing success


  • Strengthen ongoing lines of communication both to and from homeowners
  • Offer training, or access to training, for neighborhood leadership development

Metrics of Success & Targets

  • Incorporate homeowner survey results in program evaluations
  • Participation rates of workshops, orientations and trainings
  • Frequency of information sharing (classes, newsletters, etc.)
  • Attendance and participation in homeowner association and community meetings