Expand our ability to serve more families.

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Strategic Objective #1

  • Implement means to increase revenue


  • Expand retails operations (new ReStore(s), increase online book sales, increase Deconstruction activities)
  • Execute Resource Development Strategy adopted in fiscal year 2015 (5-year plan - major gifts, planned giving, etc.)
  • Increase public grant funding
  • Share our story broadly

Metrics of Success & Targets

  • Retail net income (>35% net margin and increasing annually)
  • Contributed income of $4 million annually by fiscal year 2020
  • Data sharing through UNC Charlotte/Institute for Social Change to allow for measurement of impact
  • Implement new Habitat for Humanity International branding in fiscal year 2017

Strategic Objective #2

  • Leverage funds available (accelerate cash flows)


  • Sell mortgage receivables, advance cash flows to enable more home building
  • Evaluate third party lending options
  • Seek new market tax credit opportunities

Metrics of Success & Targets

  • Increase new home production and critical home repairs
  • Complete initial portfolio sale of 15-20% of gross receivables by fiscal year 2017
  • Expand multi-year third party lending strategy by fiscal year 2018

Strategic Objective #3

  • Expand products to respond to broader community needs


  • Consider revising Area Median Income (AMI) criteria for families served
  • Seek and evaluate additional opportunities to meaningfully serve families
    • Investigate rental options (partnering with other organizations or building ourselves)
    • Evaluate down payment assistance options to accelerate homeownership for families

Metrics of Success & Targets

  • Increase families served through new program offerings