Amplify the importance of affordable housing
in advancing a just society.

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Strategic Objective #1

  • Build awareness within the community of issues of affordable housing and justice


  • Sponsor community educational opportunities (evaluate "Building Futures" as an annual model)
  • Seek strategic alignment with other nonprofits to build coalitions and increase impact of communications
  • Increase ability to articulate the return on investment and economic impact of affordable housing

Metrics of Success & Targets

  • Increase social media followers
  • Increase media coverage (print, online, radio)
  • Increase perception of Habitat Charlotte as a subject matter expert in the area of affordable and workforce housing and homeownership
  • Inclusion of Habitat Charlotte in broader community initiatives

Strategic Objective #2

  • Invite action on affordable and workforce housing issues


  • Educate constituencies (volunteers and donors) on issues - social media, emails, newsletters, blog posts, etc.
  • Invite key constituencies to take public stances on issues through communications with elected officials, participating in public forums, etc.

Metrics of Success & Targets

  • Increase rate of response by constituents to "calls to action"

Strategic Objective #3

  • Demonstrate leadership within Habitat for Humanity International around global housing needs


  • Maintain commitment to financial tithing practice as suggested by Habitat for Humanity International
  • Expand tithe recipients (El Salvador plus others)
  • Speak and share testimonials within Habitat for Humanity International to encourage other affiliates to participate in tithing

Metrics of Success & Targets

  • Addition of new tithe partner in fiscal year 2018
  • Increase Habitat Charlotte board participation in Global Village international trips (fiscal year 2016 = 25%)
  • Participation in Habitat for Humanity International tithe activities nationally