Optimize community engagement.

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Strategic Objective #1

  • Enhance transformational experiences for volunteers and donors


  • Continuously evaluate and improve onsite and retail experiences for volunteers
  • Engage homeowners proactively, sharing their stories with donors and volunteers
  • Increase donor and volunteer stewardship
  • Invest in ongoing Global Village international trips

Metrics of Success & Targets

  • Repeat/returning volunteers
    • Construction
    • ReStore/Retail
  • Annual donor retention rates (benchmark against three-year average and industry standards)
  • Global Village trip participation

Strategic Objective #2

  • Expand pool of new volunteers and donors


  • Engage more retirees in volunteering - construction and ReStore
  • Expand youth and young adult interaction
  • Serve the entire geographic footprint - focus new efforts in University, Pineville and Ballantyne
  • Increase emphasis on major gifts and planned giving
  • Design opportunities to engage skilled volunteers

Metrics of Success & Targets

  • Number of volunteers (annual growth > 5%)
    • Construction
    • ReStore/Retail
  • Number of donors (annual growth > 5%)

Strategic Objective #3

  • Foster high performance of staff and board


  • Attract and hire the best and brightest for Habitat Charlotte staff
  • Develop and retain associates through ongoing training and engagement activities
  • Recruit and retain outstanding talent for board service

Metrics of Success & Targets

  • Achieve 'Best in Class' employee retention rates (benchmark against industry standards)
  • Board engagement as measured through bi-annual board surveys and meeting attendance
  • Diversity in staff and board